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Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Account Questions
How can I start investing in 4deposit.biz?

You need to register on our website, then login using the member username and password, and invest the plans through the Members Area.

Am I able to create multiple accounts on the 4deposit.biz?

No, each user can create only one account, the multiple registrations are forbidden.

What shall I do when I have trouble during registering?

Please check all your messages are filled in the correct blanks. Sometimes it could be browser issue, you can clear browsing data or change your browser. If you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact us.

Investment Questions
Can I get interest on calendar or business days?

Profit accrues in accordance with the selected investment plan every business day, from Monday till Friday.

Which payment systems I can choose during investing?

We accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum, other crypto currently.

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

If you deposit through Perfect Money and Payeer, your account will be updated as fast as you deposit. In the case of using cryptocurrency, the deposit will be added to your account after we receive confirmations from a cryptocurrency network. 4deposit expects to receive above 2 confirmations for crypto deposits (depending on the cryptocurrency you choose) If your deposit wasn't added within 24 hours, please contact our Support Service.

Withdrawal Questions
How and when can I request a withdrawl?

When your account balance has the money, you can make a withdraw request any time you want.

In what time after sending a withdrawal request will the funds be available in my personal account ?

All withdrawal requests are processed instantly including weekends and holidays. For cryptocurrencies, you may also need at least three network confirmations before the funds become available for future use. Please contact us if your withdrawal request is pending for more than 48 hours.

Am I able to request the deposit withdrawal before the end of investment period ?

No. The deposit can be withdrawn only after the end of investment period which is specified in the investment plan that was chosen.

Affiliate program questions
I want to attract new investors to 4deposit.biz, but I haven’t yet made any deposit. Can I still participate in the referral program ?

Yes, you can. The presence of an active deposit is not an obligatory condition for participation in the referral program.

Where can I get my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link will be available in your account immediately after registration. You can also visit the banner section to promote your affiliate link using animated banners.

Can I earn from affiliate program without make any investment?

Yes, you can post your Referral Link to facebook,twitter,vk,telegram,instagram or any social media to gain your referral commission.

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